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Good evening my readers!
Today we will talk about products for hair care. For me it`s very important topic. I have very long hair and I need to take care of them very thoroughly. For a long time I could not find the perfect shampoo for me. I coloured my hair very often and I needed a good care. Now I am smarter and I don`t hurt my hair. I found a good brand which has really amazing results for me. I use Paul Mitchell line. I have Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner. I don`t have the last at home so I took picture from web. I chose Hydro Repair mask from FarmaVita and I am very glad with results. I use it 2 times per week and my hair looks very good and soft. I want to try Super-Charged Moisturizer from Paul Mitchell too. 

the long hair

My Paul Mitchell

my Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

I wish you to have health hair and a fresh look! Good night dears!

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