вторник, 5 августа 2014 г.

Вспоминая детство...

Лето... Мое любимое время года, если не считать жару, которая порой бывает невыносимой. Например, как сегодня, и всю прошлую неделю. Но это нисколько не помешало провести день приятно, с хорошими воспоминаниями. Мы пошли в парк, где почти не было людей, лишь дети весело играли на детской площадке, а их мамы или дедушки прятались в тени. Я повеселилась как ребенок, приятно было вспомнить детство. Я купила себе громадный леденец на палочке и мыльные пузыри. Что еще нужно ребенку?) 

Жара стояла невыносимая, выжить можно было только в тени и с громадной бутылкой воды, иначе чувствуешь себя в пустыне. Летом я стараюсь пить как можно больше воды, в среднем около 2л. Так организм лучше переносит высокую температуру воздуха. Еще хорошо помогает лимонад и смузи, полезно и вкусно. 
Для сегодняшней прогулки я выбрала шорты Converse, кеды Ked`s, сумку Mango и рубашку парня, которую я, видимо, уже присвоила себе навсегда) Кстати, всегда мечтала надеть мужскую рубашку, в лучший традициях романтических фильмов. 
На мне сегодня:
Шорты Converse
Сумка Mango 
Рубашка парня
Кеды Ked`s

Фото сделаны Алексеем Колкуновым

среда, 30 июля 2014 г.

Summer time

Hello guys! You cannot imagine how I am happy now. I love summer and especially the sea. We are staying in Odessa for one week. For me it`s very important to go for a vacation to the sea. Here is The Black Sea. We have an amazing weather this time so it`s time to be on the beach all the day! I have some photos from today relax at Riviera beach. The sun, the sea, a good view and some delicious cocktail are the best friends for summer. 
We were trying to find a good beach in Odessa and first two places were very bad. So we spent some time to discover beaches here. Finally we found Riviera beach in 20 mins from our hotel in the center of the city. It`s the best place, believe me. Finally I feel I am on vacation.  

Swimsuit: Victoria`s Secret
Shorts: Converse

четверг, 3 июля 2014 г.


Hello dears! How are you? Today is super hot but I am very happy. I got a new camera so I can make more posts to my blog! It`s really good. Now I am trying to understand how the camera works so you can see my first photos.

Today I wanna show you my favourite items for last 3 months. I found an amazing jacket from BCBG Maxazria on ideeli.com for very cheap price and I am so lucky. It`s useful item. I wear it with jeans and heels or with a blue dress and black classic heels. So I am looking very chic in this. Next item is my lovely clutch from BCBC Maxazria too. Love it!

This is my book of recipes!

And now you will see what I use for my skin every day. I like series from Clarins. I think it`s the best now for me.

At first  I use cleanser. 

After I apply tonic.

Every week I use this mask from Ahava (Israel) after cleanser to make my skin soft and healthy.

After tonic I always apply cream for normal skin.

That`s all guys! Thank you for reading my posts. Please write in comments what do you use for your skin. 

среда, 28 мая 2014 г.


Hello readers! Today I want to share with you a little happiness and bright colours. Summer brings hot weather and beautiful pieces around. Remember that at this period of the year you should drink more water than usual. It helps your body survive in the hot day. I usually drink around 2 L of water or more. I put a glass of water near my bed) Now my diet has changed and I prefer fish and a lots of veggie. Maybe I should make a post about my food and tell you guys what I like. It will be amazing if we can discuss it in comments.

Today we made pictures in the city park. It was very hot but when the rain put some drops on us it was soo good! It`s like to see oasis in a desert. So enjoy our photos and don`t forget to left a comment.

Shorts: Converse
Top: Zara
Shoes: Keds
Jacket: Zara
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Wallet: Bags Ukraine

Photos by Aleksei Kolkunov

воскресенье, 18 мая 2014 г.


I haven`t been writing anything for a long time but today was very sunny and warm so I couldn`t stay at home. I love this combination of blue and white so I wear my favourite pants from H&M and shirt from Zara. It`s the best outfit for a hot summer. My friends from MAC made a make up for me and they are good in this. I look so fresh and beautiful! Just amazing I really love these guys.

I am very happy that summer is coming and I can wear bright and open clothes. I found some new stuff from theoutnet.com and later I want to share this with you. A few weeks ago I got my new sunnies from Ray Ban and I am very happy. Which brands of sunnies do you like guys? Let me know.

Pants: H&M
Shirt: ZARA
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Make up: MAC

Photos by Aleksei Kolkunov