четверг, 16 января 2014 г.



Today was a very long day... It was raining all the time. I love rain when I am sitting at home with a cup of hot tea or coffee. I like how coffee smells. But when you are outside rain can be very unwished. I got wet to the the bones) But it was still a good day. We had coffee before our walk.
Today we explored parts of the city I have never seen before. It was fun. I saw new buildings and parks.Unfortunately, in our city there are only few places where you can get a good background for photos. Someday I want to go to Kiev and bring you photos from there.  
I am planning to make a new post tomorrow. So you can watch it very soon. It will be something special. See you tomorrow!

Coat: Zara
Bag: Unknown
Hat: Zara

Photos by Aleksei Kolkunov

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