среда, 30 июля 2014 г.

Summer time

Hello guys! You cannot imagine how I am happy now. I love summer and especially the sea. We are staying in Odessa for one week. For me it`s very important to go for a vacation to the sea. Here is The Black Sea. We have an amazing weather this time so it`s time to be on the beach all the day! I have some photos from today relax at Riviera beach. The sun, the sea, a good view and some delicious cocktail are the best friends for summer. 
We were trying to find a good beach in Odessa and first two places were very bad. So we spent some time to discover beaches here. Finally we found Riviera beach in 20 mins from our hotel in the center of the city. It`s the best place, believe me. Finally I feel I am on vacation.  

Swimsuit: Victoria`s Secret
Shorts: Converse

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